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From: "Malcolm Dodd" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Re: R1b, First Nations, and Pride in Being British
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 08:09:39 +0100

Bonnie Schrack says,
"how can you applaud the effort of Christian missionaries to wipe
out the indigenous religions of the world in order to impose their
supposedly superior faith?"

Through genealogy I have gained much knowledge and insight into my
forbears. Through DNA testing I hope to be able to connect to the 50% of
my blood-line forbears of which currently I know nothing (to be sure -
Irish perhaps).

I pointed out that those of us with British heritage are a polyglot lot.
We have an honourable history of sheltering refugees such as the
When my great grandfather went to Australia in Victorian times to spread
the gospel his congregation would partly have comprised the descendants
of friends and relatives from his home mining village who left England
in the early 1800s' because there was no demand for lead after the end
of the Napoleonic wars. The starving miners left for Canada and
His flock may well have included freed convicts and their descendants.
But let us assume he spent his time only with Aboriginal Australians.
Bonny asks,
How can we applaud my great grand father making efforts to wipe out the
indigenous religion of the Aboriginal Australians?
I am sure that my great grandfather would have used words such as
"educate" or "convert" rather than "wipe out".
Through genealogy I now know that his sister-in-law spent very many
years in a Mission hospital in Korea tending sick orphans. These poor
little children were cared for by my great aunt and the Minister and his
Thank you Bonnie for pointing out that I should not applaud their
efforts and indeed, taken to its logical conclusion, I should feel
ashamed that these sick little orphan children may have been taught a
faith that we must suppose is not superior.

My great aunt wrote a book with the following dedication - "I desire to
dedicate this book to the memory of the beloved children of workers in
Korea, who, after their brief, bright, unconscious testimony to the love
of God, have folded their hands and gone to sleep in Him."
That particular book concerned the loss of little children including
that of the Missionary couple's first born child lost to a tropical
disease prevalent in Korea.

David wrote -
"In my opinion there needs to be a re-awakening of pride in our roots.
For some reason over the years there seems to have evolved a belief that
being British is unglamorous."

Yes much of what my forbears did was unglamorous, but Bonnie may be
right -
We should take no pride in British heritage and the spreading of British
influence in the World.
Malcolm Dodd

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