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From: "Andrew and Inge" <>
Subject: RE: Haplogroup I and Normans in France
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 14:29:40 +0200
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Dear Glen

Spence appears to be a Norman occupation name from lowland Scotland only,
and is mainly giving I1a results (different ones).

Best Regards

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From: Glen Todd [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, 1 June 2005 4:51 AM
Subject: Haplogroup I and Normans in France

Does anybody have anything about haplogroup I appearing in northern France
(the Norman region)? I just did a run of my first 12 FTDNA numbers
through the Sorenson database, and out of four 9 of 11 matches, while three
were in the US, one showed a lineage in Nord, France. Since one of the
possibilities is that the Todd line is Norman (although obviously not
French), I'm wondering if this could be an indication that the line came
through Normandy at some point (probably prior to 1320).



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