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Subject: Re: [DNA] What to test for?
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 23:03:43 -0400 (EDT)
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> I would like to hear from these people. Anyone who believes in testing
> just for the sake of testing, please stand up.
> David Faux <> wrote: BTW, if you took a survey of
> those on this List, I think you would find that most are in the "test
> till they drop" category.
> David F.
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>> I didn't say anything against anyone's taking any tests they want. I
>> assume they know their own minds. However, there are some who don't
>> feel a need to "test until they drop" (i.e., 99.99+% of the world).
>> All I am doing is informing people of the utility of each test and
>> letting them decide for themselves.
>> Bob Stafford

Come on guys, I think you both know that the "99.99+% of the world are
somewhere between the two of you!

You two must share the left over percentage, but from opposite ends. Most
of the rest of us are somewhere in between.

Personally, I have done the FTDNA 37 and their mtDNA, plus three more
markers from Biotix, (thanks to Thomas K's generous start up offer), (the
hi-low DYS385 a&b was interesting in I1c). And have had a brother, 1st
cousin, and forth cousin tested, looking for a particular mutation from
the family haplotype. (A third cousin test is in progress at the moment,
hopefully that will settle it without resorting to the second cousin
list). At least there are more of them and easier to find, if it becomes

But the constant bickering does become tiring after while. You have both
stated your case very well, already.

Naw, keep it up, otherwise I might have to pay for my own entertainment!


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