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From: ellen Levy <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] RE: Middle Eastern ancestral markers on new Euro 1.0 test
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 07:37:14 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Ray & Others:

My feelings are a bit different when you move into a
time period where extensive historical sources exist
documenting the continuity of a civilization like the
Romans or perhaps, tracing the movements of people
within the last two thousand years. Yes, I think it
would be nice icing on the cake to do some studies on
ancient Roman DNA (and Vikings and Iceni and other
such "late" groups) to verify their continuity in
modern populations. Furthermore, it would be
particularly helpful in providing insight into
possible DNA mutational changes (major and minor,
should they exist) from those groups to their modern

The issue becomes a bit different when your dealing
with more mysterious groups that simply disappeared
from existence - like the Etruscans, whose writing we
still can't decipher. I'd like to see testing on a
lot of these mysterious peoples - Hittites,
Kurgan-builders, etc.

For my own research, while it seems probable that
Ashkenazim obtained much genetic ancestry from
Khazarian ancestors, I'd love to see some Khazarian
remains tested in the future for absolute
verification. I'd love to see some ancient Bronze Age
Canaanite and Iron Age Israelite remains tested as

Ellen Coffman

--- Raymond Whritenour <> wrote:

> Andrew:
> This is my final reply to you, on this subject; so,
> if you want the last
> word, please be my guest.
> The cosmopolitan nature of ancient Rome tells us
> NOTHING about the
> correspondence between the DNA of ancient Romans and
> modern Italians.
> You're answering questions that were NEVER asked!
> A rivederci!
> Ray Whritenour
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