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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Genographic participants
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 15:09:27 -0400
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Not asking could cause extra work for project admins for non-qualified
additions to some projects ... and yo-yo in's and out's for projects
like my PA Deutsch Project. That project is currently set to not allow
joining without my OK. I need to carefully pre-screen people for that
project to insure they have the necessary traditional genealogy
documentation and the required 75%+ PA Deutsch ancestry in their entire
5-6 generation ancestry tree, not just in their surname line. That is
due to the autosomal testing done as part of that project. Some
specialized projects just can't have the gate opened up to anyone as
this will cause needless in and out work and possible disappointment to
people being moved around, in and out of projects, needlessly. I will
email Max with my concerns about non-surname, ethnic group study
projects such as my PA Deutsch Project:

Charles Kerchner
Project Admin for PA Deutsch, Kerchner, Laudenslager, Frantz, Wetzel,
Delong Project

John Chandler wrote:
> All,
> I asked Max about the procedures in place for adding Genographic Project
> folks into surname projects and/or geographic projects. It's not quite
> automatic, since the participant himself has some say in the matter.
> Here is how Max described it:
> When they opt to join Family Tree DNA, the system looks at their
> surname and performs a surname search. As a result, they have
> displayed the different options existing for their surname, and the
> person gets to see each description in order to select one of
> them. Once they select it, they join the Group and the
> Administrator of the Group is automatically notified.
> In particular, note that the admin is *not* asked for permission in
> advance, but is notified immediately upon the addition of a new
> member. Also, if there is a variant spelling that isn't mentioned
> in the list for your project, the procedure will not catch anybody
> with that spelling.
> John Chandler

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