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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Lactose intolerance and Ancestry
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 20:33:30 -0600
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This is some interesting stuff. Thanks. I've known for a while that
lactose intolerance appeared closely coupled to ethnicity, and the theory
has been put forward several times that it was coupled to dairy herding as a
part of culture, but people have always poked holes in it with exceptions.
This may do quite a bit to explain the exceptions.

(I remember back during the time that I was in school a lot of people were
quite surprised when it was discovered that the then-ubiquitous school lunch
milk was actually causing problems for kids of other than European


> I found this press release interesting and thought that others
> on the list might be interested too.
> It says that whether or not you are lactose intolerant may give
> a clue as to where your distant ancestors lived. Here are some
> excerpts from the press release:
> "A new Cornell University study finds that it is primarily
> people whose ancestors came from places where dairy herds could
> be raised safely and economically, such as in Europe, who have
> developed the ability to digest milk. On the other hand, most
> adults whose ancestors lived in very hot or very cold climates

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