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From: "Andrew and Inge" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Lactose intolerance and Ancestry
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 08:11:27 +0200
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Dear Ana

Actually the latest results from big studies could not find any significant
effect of milk drinking on osteoporosis. It seems that even lactose tolerant
people are not getting much of the calcium from cow's milk once they reach
adulthood. So the form of the calcium is important to whether it is absorbed
or not. There should still be a lot about this study on the web as it made
it into the normal press.


Ana wrote:

Sheesh! I hope not. I'm lactose intolerant as were many in my family.
Many Africans, Hispanics and Asians I see in my practice are all lactose
intolerant. Gives me a headache. Lots of osteoporosis especially the
Hispanic and Asian.

Fran Akridge wrote:

>If lactose intolerance is the null state, then were those who were lactose
>tolerant the survivors among those who herded cattle?

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