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From: Jim & Marie Wilcox <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Lactose intolerance and Ancestry
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 14:41:25
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There are a couple major points missed in this conversation:

1. Not all societies drank cows milk exclusively. Some cultures drank
mare's milk, goat's milk (which I was raised on), and sheep's milk.

2. Not all animal milk is quite the same. Each has different properties
which I will try and provide for the list at a later date...

3. Lactose intolerance also affects Native American people or American
Aboriginal people as well as African and Northern European people.

4. All of this data is a simple tool of evolution and adaptation. Again, we
all need to give thought to the value of dietary needs in conjunction to
our ancestries as these adaptations were set in place after centuries of
dietary accomodations to their geographical components.

I am descendant from Mestizo ancestries and have well documented
"characteristics" of the various inherited features of this ancestry as
well as my European and African ancestries.
It makes for an interesting experience-

Here's an article on lactose intolerance in general:


At 04:00 AM 6/3/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm wondering how long lactose intolerance has been medically or
>culturally known in the U.S. (or more particularly... the state of Georgia)?
>My grandmother had typhoid when or just after my father was born in
>1911. He was immediately put on cow's milk but turned out to be
>severely lactose intolerant and was switched to sugar water. Apparently
>all concerned were surprised that he survived... but I am surprised that
>they understood lactose intolerance at that time.
>My best take on the matter is that most of my ancestors have been
>mestizos going back at least to the early to mid-18th century.. and it
>appears that people who fell in that category to some degree socialized
>and married within the group. Would they have relied on culturally
>derived and maintained knowledge (folk medicine), or is it more likely
>that the diagnosis came from medical science... or is that something
>that we just don't know about the history of awareness of lactose
>intolerance at this point?
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