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From: "Sherry (Morell) Shelts" <>
Subject: About Goats Milk
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 15:45:02 -0400

I can answer this question about goats milk,
Our adopted son Dan was allergic to every kind of formula there
was, another mother whose child had similar problems with her child
and told us to try goats milk, within a few days, it was like a
miracle had happened, no more exzema and he was like a totally
different baby.
I wrote to a Goat Association and asked them "why", and they told
me that the fat particles in goats milk are much smaller then the fat
particles in any kind of cows milk, so it goes through a person's
system much faster.
So we invested in a goat so we didn't have to continue buying our
supply through the various people who raised goats.
They also told me that different kinds of cows have different
sized fat particles in the milk they make, now this was many years
ago, but that is what we were told back then.
Sherry Morell Shelts

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