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From: (David Faux)
Subject: RE: [DNA] R1b and DYS437
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 23:28:36 +0000

Thanks for looking into this David. My point is that it is indeed regional, and that there are similarities between Northern Spain and Ulster and Lowland Scotland that is not found elsewhere. As usual, much more data needs to be available before there is anything that we could sink our teeth into. Still, we have to find some stucture in R1b. We know it is there with SNPs in Iberia. If they are found in Britain it suggests an early origin for these SNPs, but if not, then likely they emerged in Iberia in the last few thousand years. R1b can drive an obsessive sort like me to distraction - perhaps I should return to the safer realms of R1a in Shetland.

David F.

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> I just took a fast run through my 4000-haplotype R1b data base and I didn't
> see any overwhelming correlations between DYS437=14 and surprising values
> at other markers.
> Contrary to your 23/11 suggestion, it looks as though the percentage of
> haplotypes with DYS390=23 when 437=14 is about in line with the normal
> distribution. (See Whit's Super-WAMH page.)
> On the other hand, it may be the case that 390=25 slightly more often than
> usual when 437=14. But it's not a big correlation.
> I didn't see anything else. If there is a correlation, it must be regional.
> David W.

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