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DNA is the kind of thing that can help you if you have a question that can
be framed in a way that DNA can address. For example, you say you know the
names of your grandmother's parents. If there is a surname project that
includes her father's surname, there is something you could explore... but
only if you can find a male descendant of the same man whose DNA you can
compare. DNA doesn't tell you much by itself. The real value in DNA analysis
comes when you compare the DNA for two different people and find out if you
have a match or a mismatch. A mismatch indicates you can stop thinking about
the possibility of a recent common ancestor. A match is ambiguous, because
the similarity could be evidence of a recent common ancestor, or it could be

If you can't identify a male sibling or uncle of your grandmother to test
the Y-chromosome line, then you are probably limited to testing
mitochondrial DNA. That kind is inherited through the maternal line. mtDNA
unfortunately does not correlate well with surnames, and it also mutates
slowly. That makes it a little less informative for recent genealogical
comparison, but it still has value and merit provided you have someone to
compare results with to see if you are possibly related .

Hope this helps. If you have questions about the different kinds of DNA and
what you can learn from them, the web sites for the different testing
companies generally have pretty good introductory information.

David Wilson
Wilson Surname Project Co-Administrator.

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we have searched the census, we have her parents names and a dead end for
years. The didn't keep records well in Alabama 100 years ago, so I am
more toward dna. We have been looking for "paper work" for 25 years. wanda

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