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Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 10:00:24 -0700
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I understand that the entire mtDNA can be analyzed for a cost of around
$800. Can somebody enlighten me on this? What lab performs the test? It
might be worth it for this person.


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> so who is the best place to go thru to find your dna roots?? My
> was raised in an orphanage and I still have an aunt living but getting up
> there. wanda
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> we have searched the census, we have her parents names and a dead end
> years. The didn't keep records well in Alabama 100 years ago, so I am
> leaning
> more toward dna. We have been looking for "paper work" for 25 years.
> Is this your mother's mother? If so, you can test your own mtDNA. If it is
> your father's mother and the aunt is his sister, you need to test her
> If it is your father's mother and this aunt is on your mother's side, you
> will need a descendant with only females between him/herself and this
> grandmother on your father's side. Get a high-resolution mtDNA test.
Low resolution
> is of no use genealogically. Even with a high-resolution, success will
> dependent on someone who matches testing. May be a long wait unless you
> recruit donors you think are possibilities. If you have to resort to
this, write
> back to the list, and I will explain.
> Anne
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