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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNAPrint Reported Marker Values
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 20:33:05 +0000


No it is not as simple as this. Once you get beyond the parent child testing, say comparing a brother to a sister (as was done with my Mom and Uncle) then it gets infinitely more complicated since the amount of cross over one generation back ensures that predictions based on SNP tests are likely to falter. Say my Mom inherited a G from her Dad and an A from her mother. Who knows which of the permutations and combinations my Uncle would inherit. It could be the same as his sister or entirely different. The only real hope is via the use of STR tests such as the FBI CODIS system with 13 autosomal markers - the same approach used for paternity and siblingship testing. It is also the principle behind the biogeographical test that my team is developing. This provides repeat values at each marker not a simple nucleotide diad.

By the way Ann's efforts were entirely successful and very creative.

The person who closely matched me on the DNAprint test based on an analysis of allele values did not share an ancestry in common with me. I am Canadian, they American. Although about one fourth of my ancestors are from what is today the USA, if we did share any ancestry in common it would have been insufficient to predict the high level of matching seen on the DNAPrint test. It appears to be entirely random. I would say the same thing for others who matched closely. Perhaps Ann kept this information on her website and can weigh in here.

David F.

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> I have modified your statements below slightly, but based on what you
> stated, comparing DNAPRINT results from people known to descend from 16
> inter related pedigree lines should allow determination of a pattern
> for each of those lines. If I read between the lines, it sounds like
> Ann T made some attempt at something similar to this, but was only semi
> successful.
> Were you and the person you shared such commonality with in any way
> related? Did you pursue the pedigree at all?
> Has anyone on this list tested their extended family with DNAPRINT to
> see what the results are?
> John Carr
> On Jun 4, 2005, at 12:42 PM, David Faux wrote:
> > Ann T. tabulated the values for myself and my Mom and Dad and
> > determined, not to my surprise, that there was nothing at all that
> > would indicate that either one was not my parent. All 70 sites gave
> > values in me that could be explained by the two alleles each of my
> > parents possessed. There were no discrepancies. Ann also tablulated
> > who were our closest matches among others who submitted their allele
> > profile to her. myself and another person were almost identical in
> > terms of alleles.
> >
> > David F.

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