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From: John Carr <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Genographic Project guidance?
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 17:17:14 -0700
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According to that letter from Max, the Genographic Participants are
given a list of appropriate Surname and Regional Projects to choose
from based on their last name. You are right, given what is probably a
sparse selection, 2000 + projects out of 100,000 + surnames, they may
be hard pressed to decide what to choose.

I do not quite agree that project managers would be better able to find
a 'correct' or better place for them. Not all project managers are as
informed as you are John, many have a very narrow perspective on what
they want to do and are not paying attention to the greater activity
around them. And some are down right surly to people they don't want
in their project. I think FTDNA needs to employ someone to assist the
Genographic members so they have the best opportunity to land where
they would best be served. And FTDNA needs to get input from each
Project Administrator so they know where that person stands on the

There probably should be an unspecified project so people starting out
who have no surname or regional project to join have a place to go. If
the word gets out that Surname Projects are a waste of time or a bad
experience from Genographic participants who end up disappointed, that
would be bad for all of us.

John Carr

BTW, Blitzplotz would be best aligned with a German Project, based on
the name, but if the paternal grandfather was named Smith, that puts
him in a different category. If he has an African, South American
Native or Asian (to use examples without picking on anyone) Haplotype,
he would probably be best aligned with a regional project for the
Haplogroup, at least until things get sorted out.

On Jun 4, 2005, at 4:17 PM, John Chandler wrote:

> All,
> Consider a hypthetical question. Suppose someone named Blitzplotz
> is
> a participant in the Genographic Project. As it happens, there is no
> Blitzplotz surname project at FTDNA, nor even any project for a name
> beginning with "Blitz". How sophisticated does this participant have
> to be to discover that there is no "support group" waiting at FTNDA to
> help him with genealogy if he should decide to upload his Genographic
> results to the FTDNA customer database? Or suppose there were a
> project
> for that surname, but it had only one member, and no web site, and the
> project description were very unhelpful. Any of us would presumably
> know how to find that out in advance, but would the Genographic guy
> be guided to such information?
> Those who have received their results already: did you get enough
> information, just from the Project, to make an informed decision on
> whether to join FTDNA or not?
> John Chandler

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