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Subject: RE: [DNA] R1b and DYS437
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 07:54:28 +0200
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Dear David

Yes, in the myths there is mention that a very early people, who sometimes
appear to be a fairy folk, came from Spain. Perhaps some monk made the link
via the words Hibernia, with late Latin h dropping, and Iberi; or perhaps
not. In any case the link is tenuous. Many myths of founders from Troy were
also developed in the late Roman world, clearly based upon the Aeneas myth,
so it is clear that such Roman-educated guesses happened.

Best Regards

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Subject: RE: [DNA] R1b and DYS437

I am going to make it a point to study the historical and archaeological
record pertaining to Britain in Pre - Roman times such that I can discuss
the matter intelligently with you. I have a dozen or so books in my library
that should assist. I know there was a movement of Hiberian peoples to
Britain at some early point, but memory does not help me - only reference to
various sources will. After I become better versed in this matter, and how
it might relate to the Y and mtDNA stucture of Britain I will report back -
but a trip to Italy looms so I may have to put my research efforts on hold
for a while (drat).

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