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From: "GKBopp" <>
Subject: Genographic Project - Admin Status Report - LONG email
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 00:31:55 -1000

Hope the subject will encourage other admins to give a status report about something that has actually happened - since there's a lot of speculation about this subject. As of today I have ancestry info from both Kinney males who added their Geno data to FTDNA, and one has already ordered a 37 marker upgrade. This is a report of what I've learned at this point - it may help other admins.

When the participants added their info to the FTDNA database (after reviewing their results at the Genographic Project), they had to go through a procedure at FTDNA - more info to read (with links for more details, e.g. privacy), another agreement to click on, had to fill in form with their name, address, phone, etc. They may not have understood all the ins and outs of this -but they knew they were in new territory and could have abandoned the process before pushing the final button.

When they finished the process, they were given a message that they were in the Kinney project. It's my understanding they did not have to choose between any other project because Kinney is not in the listings of other projects. This was also the case with my son who was automatically put into the Bobb project - the only one listing the Bopp name.

FTDNA sent me notices about the new Kinney guys in my project. Before contacting them, I looked at my admin reports and learned both were R1b and both had common haplotypes (darn!). My email to the first guy was very wordy - I posted it on the list here. Feedback from list members ranged from - "says too much" to "says too little." The second email was revised but still very wordy. I didn't post that here. I did not hear back from either fellow. I decided the long email was a mistake and began working on something to put on my web site - so I could send a SHORT email and give them a link.

While working on that info page, I visited my admin page from time to time and saw that the first guy had uploaded to Ysearch. So I knew he was exploring the site - even if he didn't answer my email. Then the second guy, who didn't answer me either, made his way around the FTDNA site and sent a message on the surname project form (what we see as a Request to Join the Project). That came to me, of course, so I knew he was playing on the FTDNA site. Since he didn't answer my first, long email - I worked hard on a short response and included the link to the web page. I labored over that response for quite a while - probably 40 minutes - when I sent it, my new mail came in with a notice that he had upgraded to 37 markers. I laughed out loud. While I was sweating over writing to him, he'd been playing around at FTDNA links and had ordered more markers! I decided then that I was way too worried about these guys - that if they'd made it that far, they were in the game - even!
if they didn't quite know what was going on. I realized they were enjoying this new adventure and could most likely handle a few glitches here and there.

I sent the upgrade guy another email, tone much lighter, said group admins were not sure how to best handle Geno guys coming into projects, that he was now part of the "pioneer" adventure, and asked him to help me - to give me feedback from his point of view, including the web page info (for example, I didn't want new people to think there is a "bait and switch" going on when addressing the need for more markers). He gave me helpful feedback - was obviously enjoying himself - and I made some revisions to the web page. Based on the info on that page, he sent me ancestry info and restricted his matches to project only (because of common haplotype).

Feeling more confident, I sent the other guy a SHORT note saying there was now info on our project web site (gave link), and after he had a chance to read it, to get back to discuss his 12 marker match with one of our other participants. He responded within 24 hours with his ancestry info (based on the web page remarks) and wanted to know what was next.

Below is the link I'm using. I'm sure it will be revised as I learn more. The page does not cover everything (Y bases etc.) but, as with all participants, that can be handled with each new Geno participant when he is ready.

I'm going on vacation soon and will unsub from the list on Monday - when I can, I'll follow the archives - but you may not hear back until later if you post questions or comments about all this.

Georgia Kinney Bopp

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