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Subject: mtDNA test for Wanda [was Re: [DNA] Genographic participants]
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 09:20:33 EDT

In a message dated 6/4/05 9:56:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

> I understand that the entire mtDNA can be analyzed for a cost of around
> $800. Can somebody enlighten me on this? What lab performs the test? It
> might be worth it for this person.

FTDNA announced a cost of $895 for sequencing the complete mtDNA molecule in
their last newsletter. However, it doesn't appear yet on their online catalog.
In this particular case, I see no purpose in doing that now. The complete
sequence could rule out some "false positive" matches -- people who match on HVR1
and HVR2 might not match on the remainder of the molecule. But there would be
very few people to compare results with. In fact, Wanda (or her aunt) could
start with just the HVR1 test and see if she has an unwieldy number of matches
there -- if so, she could proceed to HVR2. But even then, I don't think
looking for matches in a database would serve her well -- it would be preferable to
wait until she had a theory to test about someone who could be a descendant of
the birth mother of her grandmother.

Ann Turner

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