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From: "Terry Barton" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Genographic Project guidance?
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 11:57:48 -0400
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We are working on adding more Surname Projects, as there are still many
common surnames that aren't being served. If any list reader has ancestral
surnames that are not being served, we'll be glad to set up the project and
list your pedigree. You can be involved in the project or not - your
choice. I consider these beginning projects to be an opportunity to match
up members of surnames who don't already know each other. We have several
examples of success. I also have about 40 of my own ancestral surnames in
various stages of setup - with several pleasant contacts resulting. Many of
these are surnames where I have no hope of ever finding a DNA
representative - but I may find kin through the site. Likewise - if we have
one of your anestral surnames in our set of World Families Network projects,
please post your pedigree for that surname. It will help attract others to

The obvious drawback to being in a project being managed by World Families
Network is that the participants don't have that special Leader with the
passion and knowledge about the surname. In an attempt to compensate, we
try to find a "co-administrator" who is willing to work with us, with their
focus being on the family, recruiting and interpreting relationships, and
resolving problems from the paper trail side. We work with them and help
them build knowledge and confidence from the DNA side. Some of our
Co-Admins are quite knowledgeable on both fronts and could easily run their
own project - maybe they appreciate the website or the backup support.
Others are really just beginning and need lots of support. Of course, most
are somewhere in between.

So far, we have had 26 (if my count was right) NGGP members transfer in to
one of the WFN projects. Some are the first member of a project (making it
"visible" at FTDNA's "alphabetic listing"), others have no surname match
(yet) and a few have interesting matches. Most have been R1b or I, so I
expect that those two haplogroups got released first. I have already gotten
some of their pedigrees and a few have immediately upgraded. My welcome
message is somewhat standardized, but I do look at their result and make a
recommendation to upgrade when warranted.

I haven't heard what happens to folks who opt into FTDNA when there is no
Surname Project for them, but I assume that they are in the individual pool.
I'll follow up with FTDNA.

Terry Barton

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Genographic Project guidance?

This has pretty much been done by Terry Barton at He has projects for most surnames
that are likely to come up. FTDNA could (and may even
do it already) refer any others to him, since he will
set up a project for any surname.

Bob Stafford

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> There probably should be an unspecified project so
> people starting out who have no surname or regional
project to join have a place to go.

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