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From: "GKBopp" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Genographic project people in FTDNA lists
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 08:50:14 -1000
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> When somebody from the Genographic project signs up for a surname
> project, you can one tell from the member lists on the GAP pages?
> Do they appear on the "member" page or the "Generate Y DNA results for
> paste" page?
> Doug McDonald

They appear in both. As all probably know by now, transferred Geno kit
numbers begin with N. And if your project "gets" one - you'll get an
automatic email from FTDNA - so you don't have to go to your GAP to see if
someone "snuck" in . . . .

They all have all the same "personal page" info as other participants.
However, whereas "restrict matches to project only" is the FTDNA default for
new participants coming into surname projects the "regular" way - the Geno
guys seem to automatically be coded to match the entire database. That's
why (as I reported in my LONG email) I check right away to see if I need to
address the common haplotype situation for newbies. My first guy had 143
12/12 matches because he is a WAMH (only one with a Kinney variation) - but
he's now on restrict. Actually, I put him on restrict, told him why, and
explained he was free to change it.

Georgia Kinney Bopp

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