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From: John Conley <>
Subject: Conley/Hugenots?/Irish?
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 07:01:59 -0400

After 10 years of work on my family history, I have made no further progress
than to identify that my g g grandfather was born in Canada in 1821. Census
takers were told the family was Irish or German. (William Henry Conley
married a Phoebe Weese).

The first actual record is the marriage record for Conley/Weese.

A family oral history tradition suggests Hugenots in the family but I have
no idea why.

The Conley Talc mine, discovered in the late 1800's at Madoc Ontario is
North America's oldest continuously running mine. (we should have kept it).

Thus my questions are:

1. Would DNA testing give me any specific clues as to the origin of the
family, and if so, what is the best case/worst case scenario.
2. Who rates DNA testing providers, is the National Geographic project
likely to be of assistance, or a better route to go?
3. Which tests would best suit my purposes at this time?
4. What cost would that entail.

I admit I am reading this group every day for a month and am more lost than
not. I thought I was semi-intelligent, but this is like trying to learn

John Conley Sr.

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