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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] It's official -- I'm weird
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 11:26:36 -0600
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> The vast (and I mean VAST) majority of European J
> results are of non-Semitic origin. Haplogroup J2 is
> about as "Semitic" as haplogroup I, since they appear
> to both originate in the areas around Turkey and the
> Balkans. Only J1 can properly be considered "Semitic"
> in origin and distribution. As such, it is extremely
> rare in Europe. J2, on the other hand, is just as
> prevelant among Europeans as Middle Eastern groups.

In this case I'm not talking about 'European' in general so much as
Scandinavian in particular. Every map that I've seen shows I concentrated
in north-western Europe and Scandinavia, and I have additional reasons not
deriving from the test results for thinking that this is by far the most
likely source of my male line ancestry.

FTDNA says that J2 in Europe is primarily found around the Mediterranean,
and for a variety of reasons that's not notably likely in my case unless it
was carried north by either a Roman legionnaire or a trader, and historical
record suggests that most of the trade was Scandinavians going south rather
than the other way around. (Partly accounting for the high percentage of
Scandinavian and Teutonic phenotypes in northern Italy.)

> fairly prevelant in the British Isles. Those who have
> these results should not be searching for a "Semitic"
> ancestor.

I am hardly 'searching' for a 'Semitic' ancestor. Quite the contrary.
I've made it clear in the past that I have nothing but contempt for people
who feel that they 'need' to find Semitic, African, Native American, or
other 'minority' ancestry because being 'just' European isn't good enough
for them or isn't fashionable or Politically Correct. Likewise, I have
absolutely no desire to claim any sort of connection to the Judeo-Christian

Haplogroup I suits me quite well, thank you. It matches my family
history, it matches my physical appearance (I'm a 6'5" grey-eyed, fair
skinned blonde, and I carry quite a strong male line family 'look'), and it
matches my cultural background and heritage.

> I assume we are talking about your direct Y lineage
> here, which has nothing to do with your autosomal
> DNAPrint results. They are essentially irrelevant in
> this case.

In most cases I would agree completely, since if I'm understanding all this
correctly the autosomal results represent a superset of sorts of the Y
lineage, but in this case we have the autosomal results returning ZERO on
anything except 'European', which conclusively implies zeroes in the other
categories on the Y-chromosome line.

Glen Todd

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