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From: ellen Levy <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] It's official -- I'm weird
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 10:56:27 -0700 (PDT)
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Nobody stating you should be searching for a "Semitic"
ancestor, but your way of viewing haplogroup J as
"Semitic" may have indicated to others that this was
the source of their Y lineage, which is incorrect. It
implied THEY should be searching for these ancestors
as the basis of their Y lineage results.

I am unaware what the reported frequency of haplogroup
J among those of British descent is, but among the
French, haplogroup J is found from 4-14% of the

It is, as you noted, more common in frequency among
Mediterranean populations, but its origins in Britain
are not necessarily attributable exclusively to the

Finally, I think we on the List are all well-aware of
your views and "contempt" for those searching for
their Native American, African and Semitic roots, as
well as the fact that your convinced your ancestry is
"pure" European, as you've expressed in prior posts.
Frankly, though, there is nothing "pure" about your
ancestry or anyone elses, for that matter. We are
not talking about what is "fashionable" or
"politically correct" here, but what is scientifically

I have to be blunt with you, Glen. Your claims, in my
opinion, verge on racism which makes me rather
uncomfortable, particularly the talk about your
"blond, fair-skinned" appearance, which sounds a whole
lot like like your claiming your fit the "Aryan" type.
What does your physical appearance have to do with
anything? We are talking here about your Y lineage,
not your autosomal makeup, which controls physical

I am Ashkenazi Jewish with blond hair, blue eyes and
freckles. Does that make me "pure" European?

Ellen Coffman

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