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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] It's official -- I'm weird
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 12:42:58 -0600
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> I am unaware what the reported frequency of haplogroup
> J among those of British descent is, but among the
> French, haplogroup J is found from 4-14% of the
> population.
> It is, as you noted, more common in frequency among
> Mediterranean populations, but its origins in Britain
> are not necessarily attributable exclusively to the
> Romans.

Britain is a large and complex puzzle, and by no means homogeneous. I was
thinking of our particular area of Yorkshire (West Riding, mostly around
Pontefract), and its rather interesting history.

> Finally, I think we on the List are all well-aware of
> your views and "contempt" for those searching for
> their Native American, African and Semitic roots, as

Quite the contrary. You misunderstand me. If those roots ARE indeed
THEIRS, then I'm all in favour. My particular objection is to those
(undoubtedly a very small number here, although unfortunately more common in
'popular culture') who seem to feel the need to establish some sort of
connection to anything other than what they appear to be. If you go even
to Family Tree DNA's front page, you can see evidence that even they find it
profitable to target this market specifically. (I don't fault their
desire to make a profit, but it rather proves my point.) Other companies
suck as African Ancestry Inc. ( find it
worth their while to target this market segment exclusively.

> "blond, fair-skinned" appearance, which sounds a whole
> lot like like your claiming your fit the "Aryan" type.

Actually, that's a ridiculous distortion, and I would have expected you to
know that. 'Aryan' (Iranian) is from a different sub-branch of the
Indo-European migration, one that went in a different direction both
geographically and phenotypically. It's not my fault that some nutjob who
was raised Catholic got it wrong.

> What does your physical appearance have to do with
> anything? We are talking here about your Y lineage,

As I said, in my case they seem to be rather closely linked, because there's
a strong male line family 'look' that I've traced back into the 16th century
in Yorkshire. I hadn't realised it initially, until I posted a holiday
picture of my young nephew over on a dog group that I'm on, and somebody
said immediately; "He looks like you!" That prompted me to take another
look and to dig out some family photos, and I realized immediately that
there was indeed a pattern. Young Nat looks so much like a pre-teen
edition of his great-grandfather Todd (born in 1895) that they might well be
the same person at different ages.

> I am Ashkenazi Jewish with blond hair, blue eyes and
> freckles. Does that make me "pure" European?

Haven't a clue. I brought the phrase up mostly to make fun of it, although
it does sort of suggest that the possibility of significant Middle Eastern
ancestry is quite remote. (If they can test for it specifically enough to
be able to call particularly that it's there, and sell a product on the
strength of that, then it stands equally to reason that they can identify
with some reliability that it's NOT there. It does explain your
hypersensitivity on the subject, though.

No, I'm not a Nazi. You'll have to look elsewhere for that. In fact, I
probably detest them even worse than you do, because it was OUR heritage
that they twisted with their lies and OUR name and OUR honour that they
besmirched with their abuses. In fact, I hold them in large part
responsible for the current 'fashionability' of being 'anything but


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