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From: proofer joan <>
Subject: R1b in Norway - Role of British Slaves
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 15:43:43 -0700 (PDT)

Dear David,

I have also been mining the YHRD_Eurasian database,
though primarily for Iberia.

However, I find there are 8/85 occurrences of 24/11/13
in Eastern Norway. Are you and I perchance looking at
different versions of the database?

I find using four markers, 389ii/390/391/392, to be
more diagnostic in differentiating R1b sub-clades.

For instance, looking at just 29/24/11/13 yields:

London 13.4%
South Ireland 19.6%
West Norway 4.7%
East Norway 8.2%
North Norway 6.7%
Sweden 6.0%

It would seem more likely to me that 29/24/11/13 was
native to Scandinavia before the Viking era.

(As an aside, 29/24/11/13 is the most common R1b
haplotype in all regions of Iberia, though there is
some variation in percentage. 29/24/10/13 ranks as
second most popular in all regions except Andalusia.)

I understand the samples come from paternity tests of
modern-day populations. I still question whether they
are indicative of ancient populations in these regions
(due to both population drift and genetic drift).

Sincerely, Joan

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