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From: (Raymond Whritenour)
Subject: [DNA] Re: Genographic Project Upload Tab - Now Available!
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 19:39:44 -0400
In-Reply-To: Charles <>'s message of Tue, 07 Jun 200519:26:25 -0400

Charles (and all):

The determining factor for uploading to the project without a SNP test
must be more complicated than this. I was assigned R1b by FTDNA, with
nothing closer than 3-step matches for the first 12 markers. I score
only 35 ("Fair") on Whit Athey's haplogroup predictor. However, FTDNA
is certain enough of my haplogroup that I do NOT need a SNP test to
upload to the genographic project. Go figure!

Ray Whritenour

P.S. - I DO have the "Greater Frisian" R1b diagnostic markers described
by Ken Nordvedt.



As I understand it inorder to do an upload without having to do a SNP
test you must have an exact 12 marker match with others previously SNP
tested and listed in the haplogroup tab section of your page at FTDNA.
If you have 1 or 2 step off matches, while they may be able to estimate
your haplogroup, they will not allow it to be uploaded to the
Genographic Project without further verification, i.e., a SNP test. From
what I understand there has not been a miscall with a 12/12 match to
someone else previously SNP tested in FTDNA's database. So FTDNA will
allow you to upload if you have the 12/12 match with someone previously
SNP tested as reported in the haplogroup tab of your account page.


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