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From: William L Harvey <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: Genographic Project Upload Tab - Now Available!
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 17:12:39 -0700
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It is possible the approval/denial decision is being done through the
new IBM number crunching program developed for use in the Genographic
Project analysis.


Raymond Whritenour wrote:

> Folks:
> I'm going to have to eat my words (see below). Initially, my FTDNA page
> said that I would NOT need any additional tests to upload my first 12
> markers. So, I decided to join the project, but when I did it only
> allowed me to upload my HVR results. When I returned to my page, the
> language had changed--now saying that I must be SNP tested before
> uploading!
> Still, Bill has found people who have no 12-marker matches who uploaded
> without SNP tests, so it must be more complicated than we think.
> Ray Whritenour
> -------------------------------
> Charles (and all):
> The determining factor for uploading to the project without a SNP test
> must be more complicated than this. I was assigned R1b by FTDNA, with
> nothing closer than 3-step matches for the first 12 markers. I score
> only 35 ("Fair") on Whit Athey's haplogroup predictor. However, FTDNA is
> certain enough of my haplogroup that I do NOT need a SNP test to upload
> to the genographic project. Go figure!
> Ray Whritenour
> P.S. - I DO have the "Greater Frisian" R1b diagnostic markers described
> by Ken Nordvedt.
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