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From: "Phil Goff" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: Genographic Project Upload Tab - Now Available!
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 21:58:30 -0500
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I just resubscribed so forgive me if I repeat something already posted. When
I tried to upload to the Genographic Project earlier today, I was locked out
on my Y-STR results as there was not a SNP-tested haplogroup I haplotype
exact match in the FTDNA database. The close matches were I, I1a, I1a1, etc.
I am almost certainly I1a (455=8) and contacted FTDNA and there was some
confusion about uploading my results because of the differing predicted
subclades of I. The problem was quickly resolved and I was allowed to
upload. I can't speak for all haplogroups, but if you show "I" in the
haplogroup prediction and have 455=8, you should now be able to upload.
(Glen, I understand that you have some unusual markers and this may not
apply to you specifically.) Thanks,

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: Genographic Project Upload Tab - Now Available!

> Glen:
> In you haplogroup tab section of your FTDNA account, do you have any exact
> 12/12 matches with people in the "I" haplogroup in their SNP tested
> haplogroup database?? If not, how close a matches are you to any "I"
> haplogroups ... at 11/12, 10/12, 9/12, etc. And also do you have any other
> suggested haplogroups other than I in your haplogroup tab section say at
> 9/12, etc.
> Charles
> Glen Todd wrote:
>>>David F. wrote:
>>>"No Ray, as far as I can tell it is absolutely simple. If it says that
>>>they have predicted you as whatever on the FTDNA Haplogroup page (just
>>>above all the list of matches) then their filter will let you through."
>>>Now, David: You know I HATE to argue; but... FTDNA predicted me as
>>>R1b, but they won't let me upload to the project until I get a SNP test.
>> Seconded. They've predicted me as haplogroup I, but they want an SNP
>> before I can upload. Since I've got one on order, I'm just going to
>> wait
>> for it.

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