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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA upgrade to GenoProject (Deep Ancestry Debate Encore)
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 05:40:41 +0000

No. There were a minimum of 5.

1) The Franco - Cantabrian of which you speak
2) TheMediterranean Coast.
3) The Italian Penninsula.
4) The Balkans.
5) The Ukraine.

There were doubtless hundreds of smaller enclaves as humans roamed from the tundra to the Adriatic and west to Portugal and east to Asia Minor and Central Asia - which had their own refugiums and doubtless participated in the repopulating of Europe.

I have long accepted that some people, including many of my closest family members, couldn't give a rats eyeball about genealogy or any type of DNA research. On this List interests run the gamut from soup to nuts. I am one who is fascinated with Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA and the story each can tell. Some are only interested in using DNA to resolve genealogical matters and then they zone out into the "couldn't give a rats eyeball" type when it comes to anything beyond this circumscribed focus.

I have long sensed some overt displeasure in a number of surname administrators of large projects who appear to long for the old days when Y-STRs MRCRs and mutation rates were the hot topics. Frankly, I don't know what there is to discuss that hasn't already been addressed and obtainable in the Archives to this List. How many fresh and invigorating questions can be asked about the subject? I have learned all I need to know about genealogy and DNA (and I don't care who I match in the Sorenson database as we have always been Fauxes and if I match someone it is probably just random convergence).

For myself and many others it is time to move on to discuss palindromes, the inadvertent detection of infertility via deletion of certain STR markers, extracting DNA from cremated bone, exploring the distribution of Y haplogroup I1c (I2), the migration path of M269-R1b1c, and hundreds of topics related to nuclear and mitochondrial DNA and population genetics and anthropology and archaeology and the list doesn't end - thank goodness. However this does not alter the fact that there is room for everyone on the List, and everyone is welcome.

David F.

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Robert wrote:
> Aren't deep ancestral origins pretty clear? Didn't all humans in Europe
> retreat to Spain during the Ice Age ten thousand years ago? So all
> Europeans are descended from them. That's the deep story.

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