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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA upgrade to GenoProject (Deep Ancestry Debate Encore)
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 17:26:08 +0000


My point is that many of us on the List have moved beyond the genealogy - DNA topics. However there should be a cadre of persons at different stages in their knowledge of, and interest in, these topics. Why are those who complain most vociferously not stepping in to take up the slack left by those of us who want to move in other related directions? I am glad you are replying but why no on - List so newbies will feel that there are others who are addressing these questions? The Robert D., Bob S., Ken G., and John B.'s of the List are going to have to step up to the plate and get more involved. If the perception is that a dozen of us control what goes on that dynamic could be changed in a heartbeat by more postings from those who would like to see other topics discussed.

David F.

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> David Faux wrote:
> > I have long sensed some overt displeasure in a
> > number of surname administrators of large projects
> > who appear to long for the old days when Y-STRs
> > MRCRs and mutation rates were the hot topics.
> > Frankly, I don't know what there is to discuss that
> > hasn't already been addressed and obtainable in the
> > Archives to this List. How many fresh and
> > invigorating questions can be asked about the
> > subject?
> That may be true for the old-timers, David, but it is
> not necessarily true for the DNA newbies, and they
> would be hard-pressed to search the archives if they
> didn't know what to be searching for in the first
> place. While I know only a modest amount about the
> subject of this list, I have on multiple occasions
> answered newbie questions off-list for fear that the
> person asking the question would never find the needle
> of the reply in the haystack of ancient origins posts.
> David then later said:
> > However this does not alter the fact that there is
> > room for everyone on the List, and everyone is
> > welcome.
> How welcome do you suppose a DNA newbie would feel
> given your earlier comment above? I'm sure this
> question sounds more critical than I intend it to be,
> and I most certainly don't want to come off as all
> sanctimonious or anything similar. But let me suggest
> that you put yourself in the newbie's shoes and
> re-read what you wrote above.
> Ruy Cardoso

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