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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Non-Participation in Genographic Project
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 13:39:46 -0400
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I don't think FTDNA keeps the $15. I believe it is forwarded to the
National Geographic Project to help fund the worldwide testing project.
Others can correct me if I'm wrong about that.


Doug McDonald wrote:
> Of course it's a fundraiser. There is nothing wrong with that. They
> need money for the "real" research!
> The cost to add somebody from FTDNA to the NGS project is almost
> probably less than $0.01. It just is moving bits stored on
> some piece of spinning nickel somewhere to somewhere else, all
> done electronically. There is of course the price to process
> the credit card.
> Doug McDonald

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