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Subject: Re: [DNA] Non-Participation in Genographic Project
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 13:42:36 -0400

Hi Anne

> While I respect John Blair's right to hold his opinion, I
find it puzzling
> (of course I don't know the details of what he knows about
his genealogy).

I'm probably luckier than many. So far I've been able to
track my Blair ancestry back 7 generations to John Blair b.
Mar 27, 1720 in Kippen, Stirlingshire, SCT. I believe I have
a lead on John's father. We were most fortunate to find old
letters (1786 - 1816) written by John and other family
members to John's son Robert in Barnet VT. If you are
interested, you can view my pedigree chart at

> How can John Blair be sure there isn't a related Blair
who participated in the
> NGS Project but didn't opt to join his surname project?
A match might tell him
> something about his genealogical history he doesn't
already know.

I can not be sure there isn't a related Blair who
participated in the NGS Project but didn't opt to join my
surname project. For all I know there may be hundreds of
Blairs who participated in the NGS Project but didn't join
my surname project.

But my joining the NGS Project is not going to help me find
any of them. NGS is quite explicit that all participants
remain anonymous: "Genographic Project public participant
samples are assigned a randomly generated, non-sequential
Genographic Project ID (GPID) number for processing and
analysis. Public participants can only access their results
via the protected participant area of the Genographic Web
site using his or her GPID number."

To the best of my knowledge NGS does not provide any
information who you might match. I haven't seen what results
they provide. Even if they provided a list of those you
match by GPID it would be of no value since almost all
Blairs are R1b.

Even FTDNA as much as states the NGS Project is not really
for conventional genealogy. "By returning the sample, you
are consenting to have your DNA sample tested to determine
your migratory history. Once this test is completed, you can
expand your own genealogical research by electing to do
further testing with Family Tree DNA. "

> But that is his choice.
As I've said before, if your interested deep root ancestry
and "how humankind populated the earth" then you should
join the NGS Project. But if you are only interested in
conventional genealogy within the time frame of surnames, no
one has shown me a single benefit of joining.


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