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Subject: Re: [DNA] Non-Participation in Genographic Project
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 15:56:53 EDT

Dear John,

You are certainly lucky in contrast to most of my WEBB and MAYNOR DNA
Project participants! Very few of us can "hop the pond," so the NGS is of interest
to us because if we can find a "hot spot" of 12/12 matches for our R1b, it
might narrow our focus for looking at that side of the pond for origins. Is
that "deep ancestry" or "genealogical time?" I'm not sure. I'm not sure
anyone can accurately assess, at this point in time, what the value of joining the
NGS study is or isn't. I guess my final analysis is that $15 (or $30) is a
small price to pay to find out. Shoot! You probably blow more than that at
least once a year on a couple of movies tickets for a movie that turns out to
be unsatisfying, or a meal that turns out to be a less than stellar dining

Your genealogy is pushing back against the limits at which written records
and confirmations begin to get scarce or tenuous. Can you be sure that
nothing from the NGS could possibly ever lead to something that would be a
breakthrough for you at the back edge of genealogical time?

Some things in life are just a crap shoot, John, and uploading to the NGS
might be one. I guess my point is that, while I understand you don't currently
have a good reason to join given your objectives, how do you know before
it's all said and done that no good reason will emerge from someone's analysis?


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