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Subject: Re: [DNA] Mother - Father mtDNA
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 20:21:32 -0400
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A mtDNA success story (corroborating paper trails) proving two theories
developed through conventional research has just been published in the
April-June 2005 issue of "New Netherland Connections." The two donors,
descended from New York Dutch ancestors, were eighth cousins.

I'm still awaiting a random mtDNA match to help extend my umbilical
line...would like to give you another random success story!

Anita Lustenberger

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>> As far as I know, the only successful uses of MtDNA so far are (1)
>> following ancient migrations; (2)corroborating paper trails and (3)
>> corroborating
>> hypotheses about collateral female relatives..
>> I don't recall a success story about other uses. Hopefully, people will
>> report any they have had.
> I actually had to revise a section while I was working on "Trace Your
> Roots
> with DNA." I had originally written that no random mtDNA matches had been
> reported yet, but I then heard of one case, related on p 186. Ironically,
> the name
> in common was Smith! If you don't have the book, you can use the "Search
> Inside the Book" feature at Amazon and enter 186 as the search term.
> The fact that I can only come up with one case sort of proves your point.
> But
> part of the difficulty with an mtDNA database is that the time-frame and
> locality can be more informative than surnames. My day-dream is to have a
> database
> with mtDNA representatives of everyone living in the Warren County, TN
> 1850
> census (where one of my maiden-name-unknown ancestors resided).
> Ann Turner
> Ann Turner
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