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From: Whitney Keen <>
Subject: Kittler on E3b
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 23:30:01 -0400

Has anyone ever done a Kittler test on an E3b haplotype, or is anyone
keeping notes of things like this? I have just sent off a sample to Biotix.
I have previously been confirmed as M35, but my DYS markers seem to imply
that I am a classic M78 from the Balkan cluster.


Hello Andrew:
I haven't had this done with my husband's 385a,b because they are 18,18.
SOme people suggest that I do so, and probably will in the future. He
only has four exact matches in the YSearch. I would very much like to
have subclade testing but at this point don't know which markers would
show what. I am increasing his FTDNA markers to 37 plus 5 from biotix.
Once I have all the markers, then perhaps I will also do the sequencing
on the multiple repeat markers. E3b seems to have travelled all over the
place, all around the Mediterranean, up the rivers of central Europe,
back into Africa and up into the British Isles. Itchy feet? Herders?
Nomads? Or did they come with agriculture? No one seems to know. That
is something I would really like to know and hopefully, one of these
days, the information needeed will be identified. My husband's family
are Ashkenazik Jews from Belarus (Babruysk and Pobolov) and
Ykaterinaslav in the Ukraine, but there is some information that they
came to Pobolov or Babruysk from Germany in the 1840s to work in the
lumber business. It is not good enough information for a family tree or
GEDCOM, just that people with his family name and others went there at
that time for that purpose as an entire Hasidic congregation. He was
haplogroup tested as M35+. So the best I can really say is the family
was central european within historical time. Before that, nobody knows.

Whitney Keen

Whitney Keen

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