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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] NGP questions
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 00:08:55 -0400
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Hi all,

First of all, I was at a meeting tonight so I just found that the DNA
transfers to the Genographic Project were ready. I've tried both and only
had one problem.

Second of all, I guess the suggestion that we take the discussion of this
project elsewhere was ignored.

To Bonnie and Cindy, I don't think you will see any matches at the NGS
Genographic site. References there to comparisons with others are in
conjunction with moving your results to FTDNA. I do think they should have a
special page for those of us coming from FTDNA which doesn't suggest that
you move your results back to FTDNA. Someone will be confused and then mad
when they figure out what they have done.

Bonnie wrote:

> ....First of all there are no
> highlighted, colored letters in the HVR1 sequence shown at upper left.
> Doesn't matter whether the box for "your sequence"or "Cambridge
> Reference Sequence" is checked. I thought it might be a Firefox
> problem, but it's the same with Internet Explorer. Printing my
> "documents" was problematic. The first time I tried, my computer froze
> up and had to be rebooted, which has been very rare since I installed
> new memory. I only ended up getting incomplete documents. Maybe I'll
> try it at work where we have a super-fast system.

I had the same problem with no highlighted colors on the HVR1 sequence. My
computer didn't freeze when printing (new computer has 1 gazillionbytes of
memory and a 1.73 berzerkianbyte processor, so it better not freeze). My
Y-DNA certificated printed out OK, but the mtDNA one didn't list any of my
five mutations. No doubt related to missing colors on the HVR chart. I
reported this to NGS via e-mail. I didn't find a specific e-mail addy for
the Project, so I used the Miscellaneous one. Copied mail to Max at FTDNA.
I'll watch for a correction.

Printing the documents is strange. There are three different docs (which you
never see onscreen), so it warns you that you may need to click on Print
more than once. In fact, the Your Genetic Journey doc for Y-DNA is 3 pages
(for me, at least - may different depending on haplogroup), so I had to
click 5 times. Then the Print box disappeared. The mtDNA docs took 4 clicks.

I haven't even read all the pages, so I won't comment on the value of this

Bill Hurst

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