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From: "South" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Participation in Genographic Project (Inconsistencies)
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 16:08:10 +1000
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You make a good point regarding a M170 status.

I believe the Genographic project associates M170 with Celtic migrations.

To my thinking given the present locations of haplotypes, I2* has the
stronger relationship to Hallstatt and La Tene Europe and the various
historical Celtic migration points east.

Although the movement of people out of the Balkans, is possibly associated
with the second Kurgan development in eastern Europe.
Data from other projects suggest that not all subclades of M170 will have
taken the same route north and west to their present locations.

12 markers is a small number for groups like I1c/I2*.

Grant South

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Participation in Genographic Project (Inconsistencies)

> An odd paradox isn't it Julia. For R1b and G2 they go back upstream and
> call everyone by the ancestral marker from many thousands of years ago;
> but for R1a they are making the correct and current call that is well
> downstream but entirely consistent with the data.
> I wonder if all haplogroup I will be M170 - whats your bet - or I suspect
> someone has the answer. How much can we learn about migrations if
> everyone is designated as I* when the haplotypes are generally robust
> enough to tell us if they are I1a, I2 or I1b. I simply don't understand
> their rationale, nor the routes of say R1a shown on the maps (they simply
> don't correspond with what is found in the literature). For example R1a
> is found as the majority haplogroup in parts of Central Asia and Pakistan
> but apparently dead ends above the Caspian Sea.
> Perhaps this will all be explained to us and the maps will be amended to
> reflect a route that takes into consideration of the work of other
> authors.
> David F.
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>> My husband has been SNP tested and comfirmed G2 (P15+) by FTDNA, but at
>> NGS
>> they are calling him G (M201)
>> Julia.
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