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From: Kenny Hedgpeth <>
Subject: attention earthlink users ...
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 01:08:11 -0700

digest # 618 is "safe" to download and or view online in your web mail

also # 620 is "safe" too ...

both digest mailer's got caught in the virus blocker for some dang reason :/

not sure if Ann told Jim our List Master about this little annoying
problem that pops up now and then :(

digest # 619 came through as normal ... no problems there :)

but then those who use Trend Micro PC-cillin anti-virus program ... will
see that digest #621, 622, and 623 got snagged :( there was a couple
more before #618 that got snagged also sporadically over the past week
too :/

"Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security has detected an email that may contain malicious contents and attached it to this new mail as a text file."

malicious ? must be referring to the messages where the temper tampers
were in vogue ... LOL

this "plain" text file TM creates, is pretty cool as it assigns a number
to each message in the digest ... makes it easy to scroll through the
laundry list to find, perhaps the one and only message of interest out
of 20 to 23 plus :)

not to worry :) digest #624 and 625 came through as normal ... I am
guessing that there was some funky combination of scientific letters
that Earthlink and Trend Micro's filters didn't like :) and the
particular thread(s) being replied to, had to work there way out of
existence :)

Ken -

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