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Subject: Re: [DNA] Joining two DNA projects
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 13:44:42 EDT

Yes, I initially asked for this about 18 months ago, and briefly, by
accident, I was in 2 projects. Bennett told me then that it was an administrative
problem, apart from any consideration of their "charter", & they would consider
accomodating multiple memberships in the past.

As membership in my Humphrey project grew, though it's still small, I
focused more on my own project, and eventually, became a co-admin of the other
(Liles) project at FTDNA.

I've always been interested equally in genealogy and deeper ancestry, into
the realm of human population history, so it was natural to want membership in
other family projects where we had "close" matches (23/25 or better).

To serve that curiosity, I formed a multi-family project, outside FTDNA.

Mike ...

In a message dated 6/9/2005 9:59:17 AM Pacific Standard Time,

At this time, you can only belong to one project. However, a number of us
have been requesting that FTDNA allow a person to belong to more than one
project. For example, those running area projects include a number of
surnames. In some cases there may also be a surname project. In my case,
I have the Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project. The Clan has many surnames,
including Low(e), Lawrence, Patterson, etc. These also have surname

Admin: FTDNA Humphrey project
Co-Admin: FTDNA Liles project
multi-family project:Humphrey, Liles, Morton

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