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From: "Dave Anderson" <>
Subject: DYS 385 10,11 BROWN
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 11:38:37 -0700

First post to this List. Been lurking for awhile.

Any comments re interpretation of the following?

DYS 385a,b = 10, 11 (FTDNA) for two BROWN surnamed donors. Could be low,
No match (12 out of 25).
*Both* earliest identified BROWN ancestors lived in Sherburne, Chenango Co.,
NY in the 1830s. No paper connection except through marriages.

Per private communication with Ann Turner a few months ago DYS 385a,b at
10,11 is "very rare."
The two donors are only BROWN donors out of 160+ with 385 at 10,11.

Whit's Predictor inconclusive: Both highest at R1b with 49 and 30. J2 next
highest at 14 and 8, respectively. No SNP as yet.

More details available.
Dave Anderson

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