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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 14:43:35 -0600
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Indeed. I got my 37-marker test back recently, and since I don't have a
sold match on haplogroup (it looks like a new subclade of I that Bonnie and
Ken are working on), they're making me wait for an SNP test.


> Jon wrote:
> >
> > However, since my original message and your considerate
> reply, I have
> > learned that ALL persons who have tested at least 12
> markers with FTDNA,
> > can upload their data to the NGS database. They DO NOT have
> to do a SNP
> > test to confirm their haplogroup to qualify for the NGS
> benefit. This is
> > good! Not sure if the other DNA testing companies are
> >offering the same
> > benefit.
> Where did you learn this? It appears to be incorrect and not
> logical. I just
> checked one of my sponsored project members and his page
> still requires him
> to take a SNP before transferring his results to the
> Genographic Project.
> Since every man who has taken a Y-DNA test at FTDNA has at
> least 12 markers,
> the whole issue would not have come up unless my statements
> were true. If
> FTDNA is changing this policy, tell us.
> Bill Hurst
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