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Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 21:43:24 +0000

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> Bob McLaren wrote:
> > ..... If you have been SNP tested by FTDNA or
> > your haplogroup predicted by FTDNA, you can join the NGS Genographic
> > Project.
> I just noticed that one man in our project has a suggested haplogroup and
> NINE 12-marker exact matches on the Haplogroup page and is required to have
> a SNP test to transfer results to the NGS project.
Did any of those 12 people have an SNP done?
A 24/25 match to him has
> the same suggested haplogroup - same language - but only ONE 12-marker match
> on the Haplogroup page and is NOT required to have the SNP test.
Someone from these two is SNP tested. Also They might also be accepting him cause he just might match someone already in the Genographic Project.
Go figure.
> I have told our project members if they are required to take the SNP test to
> check with me first.
> Bill Hurst
May I add you can alway contact Max he been straight forward to email him if ever in doubt. It could just be a clerical error.

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