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Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 18:07:48 -0500
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I also think what Jon is mistaken on this point. I had a conversation with a
rep at FTDNA several days ago when I tried to upload my results and was
blocked, pending a SNP test. I am almost certainly haplogroup I1a
(DYS455=8), but have no exact matches that have been SNP-tested. The rep
checked with Bennett Greenspan and I promptly received an email followup,
which I will excerpt here:

"You called about uploading your Y-DNA results to Genographic, and I talked
to Bennett about why the system was not allowing it to upload. This was due
to the haplogroup issue we discussed over the phone, but the system was
still supposed to allow the upload because the results were clearly within
haplogroup I. Bennett says: THANK YOU for pointing out this error in our
system. We are working on getting it fixed right away."

Me again. The system issue was corrected the same day. My understanding from
the conversation and email is that FTDNA has certain criteria for accepting
a 12-marker prediction for purposes of the NGS Project. My call prompted a
tweaking of the coding of that criteria in the FTDNA system and may only
apply to I1a. However, it seems clear that there is a haplogroup prediction
hurdle that must be achieved for uploading to the NGS site, whether that be
in the form of a *solid* haplogroup prediction or SNP test. Thanks,


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> Jon wrote:
>> However, since my original message and your considerate reply, I have
>> learned that ALL persons who have tested at least 12 markers with FTDNA,
>> can upload their data to the NGS database. They DO NOT have to do a SNP
>> test to confirm their haplogroup to qualify for the NGS benefit. This is
>> good! Not sure if the other DNA testing companies are >offering the same
>> benefit.
> Where did you learn this? It appears to be incorrect and not logical. I
> just checked one of my sponsored project members and his page still
> requires him to take a SNP before transferring his results to the
> Genographic Project. Since every man who has taken a Y-DNA test at FTDNA
> has at least 12 markers, the whole issue would not have come up unless my
> statements were true. If FTDNA is changing this policy, tell us.
> Bill Hurst
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