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Subject: Re: [DNA] Joining two DNA projects
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 21:09:20 EDT

I haven't begun a Project in a long time, since I have 11, already, the
FTDNA rule, at that time, was that you had to have at least 6 people interested
in testing "before" you could ask to start a Project. The way to get people
interested is to bring up the subject on the discussion lists for that surname,
if such discussion is allowed. After several people express a desire to have
such a DNA Project, only then do you request the Project from FTDNA. Also,
you must create a website and direct people to it and there, they can join. If
you do this it will be connected to the surname at FTDNA and people can join
directly from your Project website.

Remember, someone must be first, and if you aren't willing to be first in
your own project, then why should anyone else?


In a message dated 6/9/2005 6:11:13 P.M. Central Daylight Time,

I am hoping to find people, once there is a project.

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