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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA classification and help
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 11:29:54 -0400

Hi Anne,

You wrote:

> Thank you. This is useful piece of information for me. I'll wade my way
> through the literature. Suggests to me that possibly the exact match
> in the
> FBI database from Africa is an offshoot of this line rather than being an
> African lineage itself?

Hopefully not too much wading will be needed! :-) Phylogenetic tree
diagrams and lists of motifs are probably the easiest and clearest way
of seeing how this works.

I am not sure that the FBI database (I have it, but which is laborious
and time-consuming to consult as one must use a special program to query
it) includes any samples directly from Africa. Actually there are two
parts one can consult. The section I have mainly used are samples
collected in America, which include African-Americans. I'm not sure
what the person who posted about this meant -- was it an African from
Africa, or an African-American? If it were the latter, it would not be
surprising that European mtDNA could be present. Even in Africa,
especially in North Africa, there would be some of the haplogroups we
usually consider European. This would be my explanation for that match.


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