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From: (David Faux)
Subject: Re: [DNA] Question - Haplogroup R1A1
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 00:05:14 +0000


If your ancestors are from Britain, then R1a1 is almost certainly the stamp of Vikings circa 793 AD on. There is an unmistakable indicator found in 40% of R1a1 Norwegians and in all of my Shetland sample who have aboriginal surnames - YCAIIa,b = 19,21. If you have that pattern (you need to have FTDNA's full 37 markers since it is in the third panel - or be tested by another company who also measures it) then you are of Norse origin. The motif 19,23 is universal in Eastern Europe and in 60% of Norwegians, but the 19, 21 with R1a1 is clearly Viking and has not been observed in any Eastern European sample to date. If your ancestor is from Poland or Germany, however, then FTDNA's explanation would be approximately correct.

David F.

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> This is my first post here on the list and let me start with this. I am by no
> way a DNA expert so if I seem a little confused well ----- I am.
> We did our yDNA testing through FTDNA and when we got the results back we had
> several matches which helped somewhat but I'm still stuck at my brick wall.
> That's another story.
> My question is this --for the Haplogroup matches it shows it to be R1A1 for my
> brother.
> I have researched this Haplogroup but I find myself running in circles. One site
> says this group is Nordic. FTDNA says
> R1a The R1a lineage is believed to have originated in the Eurasian Steppes
> north of the Black and Caspian Seas. This lineage is believed to have originated
> in a population of the Kurgan culture, known for the domestication of the horse
> (approximately 3000 B.C.E.). These people were also believed to be the first
> speakers of the Indo-European language group. This lineage is currently found in
> central and western Asia, India, and in Slavic populations of Eastern Europe.
> So in finding this is it safe to say that Haplogroup R1A1 is found in both
> locations?
> Could someone please explain this to me?
> Thanks!
> Best Regards,
> Jim Carpenter

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