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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] More on: It's Official - I'm Weird
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 21:14:15 -0600
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> Glen,
> While you wait for your SNP results, I looked in some
> databases for similar
> haplotypes. In Sorenson (see link at bottom), I found the
> following were the
> closest matches:
> (All with DYS455=10)
> 22/25 Clason/Clawson, 1633, Fairfield, CT, USA
> 21/25 Tavernier, 1783, France
> 20/25 Myers, before 1857, TN, USA
> 20/25 Unknown (Ellifritt), ~1818, VA, USA

Thanks, Phil. I'm already aware of the Tavernier 21/25 match.
(Interesting but not too relevant, 'Tavernier' means innkeeper.) Since
that is in the far north of France, it has caused me to speculate on a
possible Norman connection. Normans are not exactly unknown in Yorkshire.

That 22/25 in Fairfield, CT, interests me, as I'm from Massachusetts, and
paper trail genealogy has a first cousin of my male line immigrant ancestor
going to Connecticut. The FamilySearch database seems to be having a fit
this evening, but I'm wondering if this Clason/Clawson might be from

> In FTDNA, take a look kit 22789 in the Brooks project at
> This kit may have been SNP tested.

Yes, I notice that 22789 is listed as I.

> Also, take a look at the five kits in
> the Daniel FTDNA
> project at Kit 6266
> in the Daniel
> DNA study appears to have been SNP tested as "I." All of
> these have 455=10 and many other similarities to your haplotype.


> Once I started looking, I have found quite a few examples of
> 455=10, but have only included a sample above. Based on what
> I've seen, I suspect that you will come out as "I," but which
> subclade? If you started collecting all of these samples, you

Bonnie is of the opinion that she and Ken may be onto a new subclade of "I"
based on these numbers. 455=10 is one of the numbers that she mentions,
along with 454=12. 3718 on the same page also shows some interesting
matches, including that same 10, 12 at 455, 454, an 8, 10 at 459a, b, and
19, 19 at YCAAII a and b. Based upon the numbers, I suspect that a number
of the others around them will turn out to be "I" as well.


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