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From: "Bonnie Schrack" <>
Subject: Re: Y haplogroups in Southeastern Europe
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:27:39 -0400

Thanks for letting us know about this, Ann!

Can't write much now, but I've gotten the article. It looks like it was
done on a shoestring, but nevertheless I think we can have fun with
this. Some very interesting detailed distribution data on J2e, I1b,
E3b1, R1a, and R1b (maybe not well-defined) in Southeastern Europe (the
Balkans). No Y STR haplotypes! :-( These would be really valuable if
we could get them, as they did type some STRs.

They say they found a few individuals in rare haplogroups such as F* (2
Croatians and a Macedonian); Q* (1 Herzogovinian); P* (2 Croatians & 2
Kosovo Albanians); and K(xP) (a number of people).

In Haplogroup J, there were 4 samples in J2*, 0 samples in J2f*, 5 in
J2f1, 8 in J2e*, and a large number of samples in J2e1, which is native
to this region.

I1b was of course predominant in I, but they also found a respectable
number in I1a, 6 people in I*, and 1 person in I1c. Also good info on

Of course, they found a number of H1 samples, since they tested Romani

More later!

Bonnie Schrack

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