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From: "Mark MacDonald" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Current thinking on native British haplotypes
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 10:11:00 -0500
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I agree that Campbell shouldn't be used as Brythonic. As a MacDonald I
wasn't delighted to include them but I believe that they are dalriadic,
mutating from the basic Colla signature of 13 24 14 10 11 14 to 11 15 at 385
(as have a number of MacDonalds including me)and mutating at 458 from 18 to
19. The Campbell project can speak for itself but I believe that both the
Brythonic and Norman theories are now substantially discredited and arose at
a time when all things highland and irish were politically out of fashion.

Accordingly, although I applaud the attempts of the McEwan map, I question
certain portions. Although Clan Donald is genetically diverse in paternal
lines, a large portion is in common (within the last 1500 years) with
MacGregor,Livingston,Campbell, MacMillan, MacLaren, Stewart, and Buchanan
and are dalriadic.

Mark MacDonald

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Subject: [DNA] Current thinking on native British haplotypes

What is the current consensus on DYS combinations
specific to the native British (I know SNPs are better)? I
have tried the archives but there are just so many messages
to weed through it is like finding a coin buried on the beach
without a metal detector. Near as I can tell some are using
the Galbraith and Campbell results as indicators. I think this
too risky given the uncertain origins of these families.

Best wishes!


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