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Subject: RE: [DNA] corrections
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 10:20:28 -0500
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Has anyone created graphic maps for the major European haplogroups
showing occurrence percentages, or frequencies, for each area
or country of Europe;i.e.,that expands on Doug haplogroup maps...?


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Subject: [DNA] corrections

Sorry, when I wrote:

> There were one sample with E3b2 and one with E3b3 among the Kosovo
> Albanians.
> The unique diversity of E3b1 among that popuation suggests to me not
> simply genetic drift but somewhat distinct roots from the other groups
> tested.

...I meant, of course, diversity of E3b, not E3b1.

And I should have given the Croatian percentage of I1b: 32.4%,
considerably lower than the Herzegovinians & Bosnians.


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