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From: "Peter J. Roberts" <>
Subject: A HVR1 & HVR2 mtDNA Match in the Bahamas DNA Project
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 20:45:13 -0700 (PDT)

The HVR2 results are back and they are also a perfect

John C, thank you for your comments. They sometimes
feel like cold water, but they are good. If the
population of Harbour Island in 1820 was 100 breeding
couples and 10 of those couples had the Albury surname
and x was the frequency a particular mtDNA motif in
that population, is it possible to determine the
likelihood that two participants who are an mtDNA
match descend from one Albury family rather than two
separate Albury families whose mothers happened to
share the same mtDNA? Or is there a better way to
construct this question?

It seems to me that if the number of families with and
without the Albury surname is known for Harbour Island
in 1820, then it should be possible to say one
scenario is more likely than another.

Most sincerely, Peter

Peter J. Roberts
The Bahamas DNA Project

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